Copyright ​© ​2016 Marlene Vine

​​​​​​​​​Marlene Vine

Not Yet Titled (16.5) 2016, acrylic ink on painted ground on Arches paper (detail) 

My work is rooted in the aesthetics of gestural abstraction and color field painting. Motivated by process; each painting is a new search, a journey to discover where the act of painting will take me. In the beginning I work intuitively, drawing masses of spontaneous organic marks that slowly fill the canvas, creating a multi-layered field of color, shapes, forms, lines, texture. Accidents occur suggesting abstract forms that are meaningful to me and my process constantly shifts between the accidental and a determined place of intention and subtle refinement as I feel my way around the surface – drawing, layering, painting and repainting - composing networks of relationships with the endless forms that emerge, disappear, and reappear until my painting reaches a point when I feel it all comes together and conveys a strong physical presence and a timeless sense of space and wholeness.​