​Copyright ​© ​2017 Marlene Vine

​​​​​​​​​Marlene Vine

There Comes A Time (12.06) 2012, acrylic ink on painted acrylic ground on Arches paper (detail) 

My painting is rooted in the allover aesthetic of Abstract Expressionism. It isn’t about pre-existing concepts; it’s about process; searching for meaning in the act of painting itself. Using mostly acrylic mediums on different supports, in the beginning I work intuitively, drawing masses of spontaneous marks that create a rich multi-layered field of color, shapes, forms, lines, texture. As I feel my way around the surface – drawing, layering, painting and re-painting – my painting constantly shifts between the accidental and a determined place of intention and subtle refinement where everything is in question. I’m fascinated with the endless forms that emerge, disappear, and reappear, as I re-create them over and over again building countless networks of relationships until my painting reaches a point when I feel it all comes together and conveys a timeless sense of space and wholeness.