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​​​​​​​​​Marlene Vine

There Comes A Time (12.06) 2012, acrylic ink on painted acrylic ground on Arches paper (detail) 

My work is rooted in the allover aesthetic of American Abstract Expressionism. It isn’t about concepts, it’s about the ineffable, about searching for meaning within the material substance of the medium itself, not knowing what the outcome will be. It’s about surface and color and the beauty in a freely drawn line. It’s about continuity; I want my work to be both contemporary and enduring. My paintings and drawings are multi-layered fields of masses of lines, marks, shapes, forms, colors, and textures that, in the beginning I create spontaneously, and then, in process, shifts between the accidental and a determined place of intention and subtle refinement where everything is in question. Each form, each line, seems to have a life of its own as I work and re-work my painting until it reaches a point when I feel it conveys a deep sense of emotion, timelessness, spatial depth, and wholeness.